Monday, October 13, 2008


Shuangyashan is a coal-mining city in the eastern part of China's Heilongjiang province.

The city has approximately 600,000 inhabitants in the urban area, and approximately 1,500,000 including the surrounding countryside and suburbs.

Shuangyashan is the end of the Haerbin to Shuangyashan railway spur link. 15 hours from Haerbin by train, and 90 minutes from the next large Provincial town Jiamusi. A modern freeway connects the town to Jiamusi over a distance of 57km. There is a modern coach service as well which does this trip in approximately 45 minutes.


Shuangyashan is surrounded by small mountains, and a large park based around one of these mountains forms a major feature of the outdoor life of the town. During the winter, this pine- and elm-covered mountain forms a lovely area for hiking and general snow play. In summer, the cool Heilongjiang summer, and the very long northern days make this a wonderful area to spend the days.

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