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Daqing is a city in northeast China in the Heilongjiang . The name means "Great Celebration".

It was founded in 1959 to house workers extracting oil and gas from the Daqing oilfield and to host industries which could take advantage of the energy and petrochemicals. Since its foundation it has been advocated as a model of good practice in industry and healthcare by the Chinese government. The fact that Mao Zedong promulgated his Supreme Directive, , in the 1960s showed how important a role Daqing has played in industry in China. The film Entrepreneurial Pioneers , made in the early 1970s, is a literary rendition of the history of Daqing.
Its agricultural counterpart is Dazhai, a village in the hilly Xiyang county, Shanxi Province, for which Mao Zedong issued the directive , also in the 1960s.

Administrative divisions:

Daqing is divided into 9 county-level divisions: 5 districts, 3 counties and 1 autonomous county.

*Saertu District
*Honggang District
*Longfeng District
*Ranghulu District

*Lindian County
*Zhaozhou County
*Zhaoyuan County

Autonomous County:
*Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County


Daqing has a population of 2.58 million, urban population 901,840 of them mainly Han Chinese, with a few population of other 31 minority ethnic groups including Manchu, , , and nationalities. The population density is 112.69/km?, urban population density 205.07/km?.


Located in the north temperate zone, Daqing belongs to the continental monsoon climate and is affected by the cold air mass from the inland of Mongolia and the monsoon resulted from the warm air mass of the ocean.
Generally, the winter is cold with frequent snowfalls, and spring and autumn are prevailed by monsoons. A shorter frost free period, and plenty of rainfall comes in step with the heat, all of which are good for crops and herbage. The yearly average temperature is 5.6 degrees Celsius with a summer average of 22 degrees Celsius, and 2658.1 hours of sunshine, 229 days free of frost in average. The daily difference in temperature can be up to 14 degrees Celsius during the growth period of crops.


Daqing's economy highly depends on petroleum and related industries. Daqing's oilfield is China's largest oilfield, and the world's fourth most productive oil field. Petroleum accounts for 61.9% of GDP. 2004 Gross Domestic Product was 123.95b; with its small population, this makes the GDP Per capita RMB 89,962 , so Daqing is
among 659 Chinese cities.

Sister cities

Daqing has town twinning relationships with:
Calgary, Canada
Chungju, South Korea

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